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Our App

You can now handle all your insurance matters and get expert advice in one simple app - anytime, anywhere.

With the app you effortlessly gain an overview over all current contracts, coverage and rates.

On top of that, FinanceFox automatically checks if you're getting the best value for your money across all your insurance contracts. You can communicate directly with a support team in our service center.

We're there to guide you along every step of the way, from insurance enquiries to claims, all the way to a new insurance plan or provider. FinanceFox aims to finally make insurance simple and accessible for everyone.

The App is also perfect for Insurance brokers, who can now monitor and advise their customers more efficiently. 

Old meets new economy

FinanceFox is 30 years of insurance expertise brought to the 21st century. We combine many years' experience with the most advanced technology. With our app we enable our clients to manage their finance products cleverly and efficiently.

Get To Know Us

Our mission is to accomplish total customer centricity with personal advice and most advanced technology.
We are convinced that with our strong team, which is driven by inspiring minds, who are determined to think outside the box and constantly challenge the status quo, we will have the best solutions for you.